Testing and Flu Vaccinations

Keeping communities, workplaces and school campuses safe from the 5th wave, with frequent COVID-19 rapid testing and vaccination programs to stay strong and protected

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Your trusted partner for safe and reliable on-site health services

Our mission is to provide high-quality, respectable, and timely medical services all across Canada, helping individuals, communities, and employers alike to stay healthy with proven preventive measures.


Let your healthcare professionals come to you

We offer highly-qualified medical professionals at your doorstep, providing the quickest turnaround time and VIP-level concierge service with a personal touch.

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30 years of innovative healthcare solutions

Our team brings years of experience to bear on the greatest challenge of our time in this post-COVID world. We’re results-driven, with a proven record of consistently meeting and exceeding client expectations.

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Professional experts

A team of experienced health professionals with a strong emphasis on teamwork and commitment to ensure that we take care of everyone's individual needs in any organization that we serve.

Trusted by

Our company is appointed by many corporations and institutions across Canada - from small businesses to multi-national enterprises, private schools to large universities - we take pride in receiving outstanding feedback from all our clients that have had the opportunity to work with us.

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