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From private at-home VIP concierge collections to large-scale workplace wellness programs, we have the depth of knowledge and experience to offer our best health professionals fully trained in quality, efficiency and personalization every individual deserves.

COVID-19 Testing Programs

Since COVID-19 began, we have completed:
40,000+ nasal swab tests
900+ workplace clinics
600+ in-home collections

We are able to provide complete management of your workplace COVID-19 testing program, including physician oversight, customized scheduling software, and a team of health professionals highly experienced to ensure a comfortable and safe testing environment.

Our range of testing options include:
PCR-based nasal swab or saliva sample testing by lab (24 hours)
Abbott Panbio antigen-based rapid test kits (15 minutes)

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Flu Immunization and Biometric Screening Programs

With over 6,000+ flu shots performed every year, we have proven knowledge and experience in the safety and efficiency of managing on-site vaccination clinics. Prevent COVID-like symptoms at the workplace with a strong immune system during the flu season, keeping everyone healthy and with a peace-of-mind that all your friends and colleagues are more protected in shared environments.

Biometric screening for cardiovascular health, including measurements for BMI, body fat %, waist circumference, blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, LDL, HDL and triglycerides. These simple but effective data will provide useful insight into your overall health condition and raise awareness on any particular areas of concern for further follow-up.

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